Dosing Control with Flow Application

Dosing Controller is suited to flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities is required. Batch total, flow rate, accumulated total and preset value can all be displayed in engineering units on the large LCD display.

Field of application

Recording and controlling of batch operations. Typical applications include:

  • ŸFood industry
  • ŸChemical industry
  • ŸPharmaceutical industry
  • ŸOil & gas industry

HMI with Soft Control into One Smart Unit, PLC functionality – easy-to-use and cost efficient and Complete HMI Functionality



  • ŸDual relay outputs
  • ŸOne or two stage valve controlController
  • ŸRS232 and RS422/485 computer/printer interface
  • ŸAutomatic Overrun Compensation
  • ŸBatch Limit
  • ŸSignal Time-out
  • ŸRemote Start/Stop
  • ŸAuto Restart
  • ŸCount Up/Down
  • ŸEnd of Batch Signal
  • ŸScaled pulse output


Your advantages

  • ŸSave time and cost with the easy to operate with touch screen
  • ŸYour crew is in control with our highly praised “know one, know them all” configuration structure, saving time, cost and aggravation.
  • ŸKey information at a glance as the display simultaneously shows actual value, preset value, batch process indication, switch point indication and measuring units.
  • ŸEasy installation with the rugged aluminum DIN-size panel mount enclosure with only four inches depth clearance for smaller and low cost panels.

Input features

  • ŸAccept various input signals for volume flow or mass flow meters, like reed- switch, open collector, NPN, PNP or active 8 / 12 / 24V pulse signals.
  • ŸVarious external inputs are available including functions such as: start, stop, reset, selection of batch quantity, alarm, etc. The degree of this functionality is product dependent. Additionally, most models have a hold-input feature which will ignore flow meter pulses whilst the system is being flushed or CIP cleaned.

Output features

Three outputs are available: two isolated, field replaceable, heavy duty relays (NO-NC) and one transistor output. Relay 1 is fxed as the main batch control relay. Relay 2 and the transistor ouput can be configured as 1- or 2-stage batch control, alarm or pulse output



All units can be equipped with the RS232/RS485 communication option. Besides the process data all configuration settings can be read and modified. The communication protocol used is Modbus ASCII /RTU

Download : Brochure Dosing control