Data Logging from PLCs – Easier than you think

Have you ever been disappointed in the data logging options available on your basic panel? Ever wished it were easier to set up logging directly to a database? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to set up some simple simulation or test sequences without modifying your PLC control code.

you’re in luck! we provide simple plc logging data from various plc and protocol:

  • Support various PLC serial or ethernet (plc siemens, plc schneider, plc AB, plc omron, plc mitsubishi, plc GE, etc)
  • Support the popular industrial protocols
  • Exchange the data between different Controller
  • Support OPC UA for integration

it’s simple for you to log data; with 5 simple step

  1. define controller
  2. define protocol
  3. entry all tags you need to log
  4. define location excel file storage
  5. define location database backup storage

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