PLANT REPORTING  The Plant Reporting for Manufacturing will help you:

  • Lets you spend your time ana lyzing information
  • Help you react quickly to your customers inquiries and concerns.
  • Makes it easier to des ign processes and procedures that drive continuous improvement in efficiency.
  • Centrally manages reports and procedures .
  • Takes the worry and time out of meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Uses your company’s Internet and Intranet connect ions to relay the correct information to others needed.



Interfaces to hundreds of PLCs, DCSs, HMis and other devices with various brand. A lso possible web client report.


  • PLCs
  • OPC UA Server
  • FTP Server



Have you ever felt in the dark about what’s going on in your plant? Gotten fed up with the few dim reports you’ve been able to wrestle out of your current system? Wished you had an easier way to spotl ight a potential problem? Of course you have.

You also know good reporting shows you not only w hy something went so wrong, but also why it went so right-so you can do it again. Now how do you get high-wattage reports that lead to timely and reliable answers?

With Plantwide Reporting module . It’s the floodlight you need to see what’s going on in every nook and cranny of your plant.

The Plantwide Reporting module’s two applications, the Exce l Add- In and the Web Client. The Web Client is supported by the Web Server and one or more Web Engines.



  • Centrally manage reports and web content.
  • Link any web content into a common reporting framework.
  • Distribute reports and data over the web.
  • Service ad-hoc reports over the web.
  • Automatically schedule and publish web content from data.
  • Create ad-hoc reports on data.
  • Access data directly from Excel.
  • Build custom analysis tools.
  • Use standard analysis tools and reports from Mountain Systems.


Trending and Charting

  • Time and Event Trending
  • XV Plots
  • Statist ical Charts
  • Pie and Bar Charts
  • Pen and Event Groups

Analysis Components

  • Time and Event Trending
  • Alarm Analysis
  • Grid, SOL, and Historica l
  • Form Objects, Combo Box, List Box,Text Box
  • Tree Control

Script-less programming

  • Commands. When an event occurs an action can be triggered.
  • Events. When you can have them triggered, mouse clicked, etc.
  • Symbols . The equivalent of tag groups . Simplifies and speeds development.

Download : Brochure Reporting