PLC Data Logging, Trend and Report

PLC Data Logging, Hysterical Trend, Event / Alarm List, & Report

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Automated Data Collection for Manufacturing will help you:

  • Data collection at site by USB Flash or store in PC
  • Reduce the administrative burden of regulatory compliance
  • Establish a plant-wide strategy for managing process information from across your operation
  • Collect 100 to 100,000 or more tags from a wide variety of process control device
  • Serial or Ethernet Interfaces to wide range of PLCs and other devices with various brand
  • Data Storage support SQL server, Data Traceability and USB drive / SD Card Backup




Trend Viewer

Manages up to eight pens with independent legends, scaling and line styles. Both real-time and historic data are supported

Log Viewer

Historical data in user configurable lists. Flexible

filtering and search facilities are available to easily find a specific occurrence of an event

Alarm  Viewer

Comprehensive alarm management. Flexible alarm filtering uses a wide range of criteria  such as area, level and type. Users can acknowledge and mask alarms using the integrated toolbar

Recording & Event Logging

Real time data is recorded in standard database or excel format. Data may be recorded upon value change or periodically. Beside using database format, possible using excel format



Alarm Distribution

  • Easy-to-use Alarm management interface
  • Send alarm message through SMS, Email, APP

Data Storage

  • Support SQL server
  • Data Traceability
  • USB drive and SD Card backup

Data Security

  • Level Authorization

Data Access

  • Web Server and customized webpage by java script
  • Database File export
  • Support VNC to Remote Control and Monitor

Data transmission

  • FTP server
  • Scheduler


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