Mixing & Blending Control System

Vacuum Mixing plant

Features :

We provide several features that may be combined in various ways:

  • ŸUser Interface – The User Interface takes benefit of best practices and Tetra Pak experience from designing self instructive user interfaces, all in accordance with international standards.
  • ŸProcess Control – The Process Control is made according to international standards and guidelines to simplify maintenance and future expansion as well as to secure a good working environment for the staff.
  • ŸProduction Reporting – The Production Reporting provides information on how materials and products have been transported and treated in the plant.
  • ŸProduction Tracking – The Production Tracking uses an advanced SQL-database to keep track of all phases, batches and operator actions in the plant. We offer full traceability from reception to the warehouse.
  • ŸProduction Execution – The Production Execution gives strict control and extensive logging of activities. Recipe control gives high flexibility in adding new products.
  • ŸProduction Analysis – The Production Analysis gives you measures of production constraints.

Benefits :

Our automation solutions enable you to see everything that’s invisible in your plant, you can:

  • Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Use your plant more efficiently and simplify operations
  • Minimize unplanned shutdowns, waste and energy consumption
  • Use state-of-the-art knowledge to achieve profitable production solutions

You also gain full traceability at all times and have the right information to avoid quality problems by identifying the source of any problem and rectifying it. We can help you become much more efficient and profitable even if your plant uses older technologies



Mixing/ Blending Function

  • Mixing / Agitators
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Vacuum / Suction
  • Pressure
  • Feeding Material
  • Transfer
  • Cleaning

Auto Batch Operation :

  • Automatic Batch
  • Some Recipe
  • Working with variance sequence
  • Single operation
  • Possible for manual operation by hand
  • Possible working with product scanner (only some for touch panel brand)

Trending and Alarm


TRENDING. Trending data with logging capability to check past time. 1 graphic up to 8 data




ALARM & EVENT. List alarm for operation purpose and record event for easy understanding

Data Logging in PC

Collect everything today, because you don’t know what will be important to you tomorrow.

Similar to black box flight recorders, process historians are capable of recording measurements from across your entire plant.

However, you need an industrial strength historian to enable you not only to collect data quickly

Easy transfer to EXCELL, SQL, & others database

data loging 1


data loging 2



  • Centrally manage reports and web content.
  • Link any web content into a common reporting framework.
  • þDistribute reports and data over the web. þService ad-hoc reports over the web. þAutomatically schedule and publish web
  • content from  data.
  • Create ad-hoc reports on data.
  • Access data directly from Excel.

Download :  Brochure Mixing Control