Weighing Controller



Picture Feeding

  • ŸSimple Controlling
  • ŸReal time Monitoring
  • ŸData Logging
  • ŸReporting system
  • ŸProcess Efficiency




  • ŸBatching/Blending
  • ŸFilling/Dispensing
  • ŸLevel-by-Weight
    Picture  Hopper Scale and Metering

    Picture Hopper Scale and Metering

  • ŸCheck Weighing
  • ŸRate Monitoring

The  Weight  Controller  is  a  very  accurate  and  versatile weightindicator which is used for a wide variety of process weighing  applications  including  filling  and  dispensing. Whether filling or dispensing solids, liquids or gases, the Weight Controller automates the entire process. Due to its variety   of   industrial   communication   interfaces   and selectable scale functions the indicator is the perfect fit for all  kinds  of  weighing  applications  and  process  control systems.

Picture : Hopper Scale

Picture : Hopper Scale

Powerful calibration options including electronic calibration without test weights supports easy and fast start-up and service.

Selectable size of HMI screen 4”, 7” and 10” with weight status allows good readability.



  • ŸRecipe / Formulation. Valuable raw material need to be added accurately to produce the right mixture automatically to your specific needs. The control continuously monitor the process and deliver the report tools to ensure your batching process remains in tolerance
  • ŸBatching & Material Transfer. Provide automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching & material transfer control strategies to meet your specific needs. The controllers can be combined with high performance scales to provide the complete solution
  • ŸFilling. When filling Intermediate Bulk Containers, totes, drums, sacks or vehicles; We need very fast, precise, and repeatable results. High-performance weighing controller with precision scales, to provide unmatchable accuracy.

Easier Process Control

High Accuracy

Expand Process SPEED


allow to get connected to any controller or PC no matter whether it is a PLC, a DCS or and ERP system

Any function of weighing:

  • ŸVessel Weighing
  • ŸFilling & Dispensing
  • ŸFormulation
  • ŸBatching & Blending
  • ŸEfficient Asset Management



  • ŸMonitoring. Real time monitoring complete weight, scales, data recipe, and batching process.
  • ŸData Logging. Up to 16 data logger block can be set with sampling methods are time, trigger, and clock. Configurable password level.
  • ŸData Transfer. All Data available in flash memory can be transferred using common flash memory up to 8 GB. Data could be open with spreadsheet   application.
  • ŸReport. Data in spreadsheet will be develop for report some application and Data also can be   calculate for: Min, Max, and average data sensors, running hour & down time of pumps, and alarm.




Download : Brochure Weighing Controller