Map out your future 

  • Management of continuous production processes
  • Management of batch prod uction processes
  • Control and monitoring of equipment
  • Tracking of operations, products and equipment

 Activities & Services

  • Automation and supervisory control of mixing, blending, batching, pasteurizer,  etc.
  • Automation of utilities distribution including purified water (PW, WFI).
  • Automation of pure steam production and distribution facilities, clean-in-place systems (CIP)
  • Automation of sterilization in place (SIP) units
  • Monitoring of equipment
  • Production and traceability

Mixing and Blending Control System

Mixing and Blending Control System


Mixing and Blending Control System

We have experience in Control system for mixing system cover some function such as Agitator. more


CIP - Control System

CIP – Control System

Cleaning in Process (CIP) Control System

CIP (Cleaning In Place) is Modular solution for cleaning liquid-processing equipment. more 


Water Treatment Control System

Water Treatment Control System

Our control for water treatment serve water and waste water control for automatic process. more